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Coimbatore, India

Seriously, i have no idea what i’m about to narrate.

Back in 2011, I was a kid with no idea how to open up a Facebook account and my bestie introduced me into online gaming, which eventually lead me to develop passion for Web.

Venkat Selvan holding cup of coffee

In 2015, I was an aspiring entrepreneur who started out on a journey to build my crazy idea. Little did i know that it will fail miserably. But that’s when I discovered what it’s like to be punched with a boxing gloves on my face.

That’s when I truly accepted the essence of failure and thus learnt from it.

My first venture, helped me to understand how a startup functions and what are the important factors to create an awesome product.

So I started on my freelance journey to help entrepreneurs using my skills as a designer and developer.

I love to medidate.

I love coffee.

I love biriyani (yummy).

I love running.

I play badminton

I am learning French!


-Venkat Selvan

Venkat Selvan - Signature using light art